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Concept Communications' content is written and edited for consumers, by a staff trained and experienced in health reporting. Our writers and editors are experienced health journalists with practiced eyes for fairness and accuracy. All content is reviewed by a Medical Group that includes board-certified doctors, registered nurses, and university health instructors. We have been certified for our adherence to the HONcode standards for health web sites.

Veronica McQuillan, M.A., President

Veronica McQuillan started her career as a news reporter in New York state in 1981, before moving to San Diego California. She developed a strong interest in health reporting and produced and anchored award-winning health segments and long-form specials. In 1995, seeing a growing need for quality health information on the Internet, she founded Concept Communications Media Group. As president, she has overseen the continued expansion of the company, as it produces an extensive library of health content, wellness features and interactive patient tools for hospitals and healthcare systems throughout the United States.

Veronica McQuillan, President Concept Communications
Paul Daffinee, Vice President Concept Communications

Paul Daffinee, MSHS, CHE, Editor and Vice-President

Paul Daffinee holds a master's degree in Health Services with a concentration in Community Health and a certificate in Community Health Education. Trained in the GE Quality Assurance program, Six Sigma, Daffinee is responsible for the editorial content available from Concept Communications. Daffinee is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists. In addition, his background includes news management and editorial positions in both television (NBC and CBS) and print in New York, Pennsylvania and California. Daffinee has won a number of awards for his writing, including ones on environmental factors affecting people's health.

Concept Communications has been providing health content to hospitals around the United States since 1995. We use only reputable medical organizations as sources for our information, with information clearly attributed. "More and more people today rely on the Internet for their healthcare information. Hospitals and healthcare systems are almost expected to provide the kind of reliable and easy-to-understand content that we offer," says Concept Communications' President Veronica McQuillan. This trend is not likely to change in coming years, McQuillan adds. "If anything, we will only see an increase in Internet usage for health information," she says. Concept Communications' Vice-President Paul Daffinee adds. "Over and over, our focus groups indicate that people want health content on a hospital's website," says Daffinee. "Our online health content can be easily integrated with a health system's services and centers of excellence, so our clients have a turn-key way to meet consumer expectations easily and cost-effectively."

Concept Communications is the provider of choice for healthcare systems both large and small. Contact us to see how we can help your organization meet its consumer needs for reputable online health content.

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