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Concept Communications has hospital and healthcare system clients around the United States. Our online consumer health portal, consumer health content library and interactive health tools blend seamlessly with their websites, for an easy and cost-effective online content solution.

Consumers today really do want to see a health library, interactive tools, and consumer health news that can be accessed without leaving a hospital's own site. Our content lets you give your consumers just that - affordably.

Hospital portal page, showing Concept Communications' features such as health quizzes and calculators, interactive tools, A-Z library of diseases and conditions in both English and Spanish, health risk assessments, daily health news feed and more

Evidence based content

Our consumer health library provides evidence-based, searchable information on a variety of health and wellness topics, as well as interactive tools and daily health news.

All content is delivered with:

your template

your colors

your website design

your links to services

For hospitals and health systems with a Spanish-speaking population, our comprehensive Spanish library is a turnkey solution to their content needs.

Service line integration

Many of our clients integrate our content with their centers of excellence. Content targeting women, men, seniors and children is available. Content relevant to






and other specialties can all be linked to your appropriate service line information.

Interactive tools

Licensing our library also gives you access to our interactive tools including

health quizzes

health calculators

risk assessments


daily health news

Your consumers can calculate body mass index, or a due date. There are also quizzes on topics such as stroke and diabetes.

The library includes glossaries of common medical terms and procedures. Health forms are also included, to help families keep track of medications and their family health history. It's a comprehensive library of health news and information - and it can be yours more affordably than you think.

Our online health library also lets our clients provide fresh content to their home pages every day, bringing in daily health news headlines, top stories, and other features - all without their staff doing any extra work. To see some of the hospitals and health systems that have done this - and to find out how easily this can be added to your website - please contact us.

We work with hospitals and health systems of all sizes.

For multi-hospital corporations and health systems, we offer especially affordable corporate solutions. We help systems and their individual entities provide consistent health information, to help brand corporate identity, while promoting specific services of the individual entities. If your organization has multiple, uniquely branded facilities, contact us - we can do the same for you.

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