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Concept Communications Media Group LLC licenses customized health content for healthcare clients around the country. We provide an online library of topics on heart, cancer, women's health & many other categories. We also offer health news, quizzes, calculators, glossaries & more.

Providing your consumers with an expansive library of online health content can promote your brand and services.
Concept Communications uses only the most reputable medical sources. Information is fully attributed and all content is carefully written, edited and reviewed by our team of experienced health journalists, registered nurses, and board certified MD's.
  Medical Information

Implementation is easy and cost-effective. Contact us to see how simple it can be to add a dynamic library of health information to your website.

Internet Health Content Our specialized technology lets us provide content that blends seamlessly with each of our clients' websites. You get the seamless flow you want, but without the hassles of maintaining content yourself.
We safeguard your consumers' privacy, and provide content that's easy for consumers to understand & navigate. We have also been certified for our adherence to the HON code, one of the oldest and most trusted measures of online health content.

Licensing our health library lets you give consumers education in specific areas such as
women's health, children's health, men's health, senior health
heart disease, cancer, diabetes, orthopedics
workplace health, mental health, health emergencies
surgical procedures, bariatric surgery, robotic surgery, imaging
wellness, fitness & much more

Women's Health

Our consumer health library provides evidence-based, searchable information on a variety of health and wellness topics. Articles can even be customized with links back to your relevant services and centers of excellence. We work with many Catholic hospitals and Catholic healthcare systems. And for hospitals and health systems with a Spanish-speaking population, our comprehensive Spanish library is a turnkey solution to their content needs.

Licensing our library also gives you access to our interactive tools including quizzes, calculators, risk assessments and glossaries. We also provide daily health news which can be a valuable tool for your social media efforts. It's a comprehensive library of health news and information - and it can be yours more affordably than you think.

All Concept Communications material is provided for information only and is neither advice nor a substitute for proper medical care. Consult a qualified healthcare professional who understands your particular history for individual concerns.  |   © Concept Communications Media Group LLC   |   last modified 2023