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Stay on top of the latest news and research in healthcare. Here you'll find information on current studies and breaking health stories. But keep in mind that ongoing studies may conflict with earlier reports, and may not be the final word on a particular topic.

National Health News Headlines

You've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A new study says it is especially important for people with diabetes.   more »»

Taking care of your heart could also take care of your brain. Certain risk factors for heart disease may also be risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and dementia.   more »»

Weight loss can have profound effects on a person's health. Two new studies have found that one of them is a healthier liver.   more »»

Drug companies are required to report, within 15 days, serious and unexpected adverse events. A new study says that close to ten percent of the time, drug companies delay reporting.   more »»

You may soon be able tell what percentage of your daily intake of added sugar is coming from that one bottle of juice or that marinara sauce.   more »»

If you could do something now that might help you avoid dementia in 30 years, would you do it? If you answered yes, then make sure your blood pressure is under control.   more »»

Those antibiotics used to treat infections in children may have a side effect of increasing the risk of juvenile arthritis for the child.   more »»

Many people use complementary medicine techniques such as chiropractic care and/or acupuncture for their chronic pain. They don't always tell their main healthcare provider.   more »»

Some 40 years after the end of the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands of veterans of the conflict are still dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.   more »»

Last year there was an outbreak of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). It sickened thousands of children and killed at least 14. A new and faster test for the virus has been developed.   more »»

Becoming a father for the first time could add inches to your waistline. A new study found that new dads put on weight after their first child is born.   more »»

Only a third of seniors with diabetes meet the guidelines set up by the American Diabetes Association for blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.   more »»

In a study that has lasted for two generations, researchers have found that today's U.S. teens smoke and drink less than the previous generation but use marijuana more.   more »»

It would appear that the best way to get probiotics is - not just as a stand-alone supplement - but in your food, particularly in dairy products.   more »»

Coaches who teach their football players techniques that help prevent injuries have a major impact on the number of players who are injured.   more »»

Some people think that the birth order of children affects their personalities and other traits including intelligence. A new study says - not really.   more »»

Electromagnetic pulses are being tested as a possible treatment for tinnitus. Tinnitus - ringing or other phantom sounds in the ears or head - affects 10 percent to 15 percent of the population.   more »»

If you'd like your child to grow up with a bigger brain, teach him or her a second language. A new study claims that people who are bilingual have more gray matter in portions of the brain.   more »»

If you're looking to get fit - in both body and mind - then physical exercise may help. A new study says the more you exercise, the more impact on your brain functions.   more »»

Two types of mosquitoes that carry diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever are spreading across the United States.   more »»

Note: Some of these reports concern ongoing medical studies. Such studies may not be the final word on a subject.

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