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Stay on top of the latest news and research in healthcare. Here you'll find information on current studies and breaking health stories. But keep in mind that ongoing studies may conflict with earlier reports, and may not be the final word on a particular topic.

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With this year's flu season starting to wind down, plans are already underway for next season. The recommendations are expected to be much the same.   more »»

A new antibiotic to fight infections in the abdomen, including urinary tract infections and kidney infections, has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.   more »»

People who use a form of smokeless tobacco called snus have double the risk of becoming an alcoholic. In addition, the more snus, the higher the risk.   more »»

Kids who are couch potatoes face a higher risk of developing high blood pressure. Too much TV time and lack of exercise is blamed for the increased risk.   more »»

A study that involved over 200,000 people found that fully two thirds of the people who smoke will die from the habit if they don't quit.   more »»

Men, who have had testicular cancer, should be aware that they may be at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.   more »»

Infants who were given peanuts early in life had lower odds of developing a peanut allergy as they got older. A study found an 81 percent reduction in allergies.   more »»

Men who take a sauna on a regular basis tend to not only work up a good sweat, they also live longer, according to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine.   more »»

The Ebola battle in West Africa is starting to have an impact. Outbreaks are being tracked more quickly and the outbreaks in rural communities are lasting half as long.   more »»

There's a new way to treat varicose veins. It involves injecting an adhesive that seals up the vein. Called VenaSeal, it is the first treatment of this type.   more »»

Americans don't consume enough vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy. However, they get more than enough of refined grains and added sugars.   more »»

Fully a quarter of the children in homeless shelters in the U.S. faces mental issues and needs professional mental health care. That's the conclusion of a study involving 11 shelters.   more »»

Exercise is often part of the regimen for people with diabetes. But when to exercise? A new study found that exercise after eating may lower heart risks.   more »»

You've heard you shouldn't go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Now a study says you shouldn't do any shopping at all. It will cost you extra.   more »»

Hot flashes, night sweats and other menopause symptoms tend to last for seven years or more for most women, according to a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine.   more »»

The number of hours of sleep that teenagers in the United States are getting has dropped in the past two decades, with high school sophomores the most affected.   more »»

It started early and it's probably going to last a while longer, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the flu season has peaked.   more »»

Stress may be a key reason why young and middle-aged women have more trouble recovering from a heart attack than men.   more »»

Getting on a motorized exercise bike after a stroke can help patients regain function in all their limbs and can provide needed cardiovascular exercise.   more »»

If you want to live a long life, jogging in moderation may be the best thing. A study found that too much and too little jogging wasn't that good for your health.   more »»

Note: Some of these reports concern ongoing medical studies. Such studies may not be the final word on a subject.

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