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Stay on top of the latest news and research in healthcare. Here you'll find information on current studies and breaking health stories. But keep in mind that ongoing studies may conflict with earlier reports, and may not be the final word on a particular topic.

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Yoga May Be Riskier Than Thought

Many people do yoga to stretch and help avoid injury. However, new research found that yoga can result in injuries as well - a lot more than previously thought.   more »»

Preserving Mobility and Independence

Looking to maintain mobility and stay independent? A new study says that, even for older adults with obesity, exercise can help.   more »»

Vaccine Cuts ER Visits for Shingles

Emergency room trips for shingles are down for people over the age of 60. The main reason - an increase in the number of people in that age group who have received the shingles vaccine.   more »»

Preemies Face Higher SIDS Risk

Babies born prematurely have a greater risk of dying from SIDS. New research found that infants born between 24 to 27 weeks had a more than three times higher chance of dying of SIDS.   more »»

Taking Too Much of a Good Thing

Many people take vitamin supplements, but sometimes they take too much. Over a 15 year period, the number of people taking excessive amounts of vitamin D has grown dramatically.   more »»

Caregiver Breaks Lower Blood Pressure

Taking a break from being a caregiver can have positive effects. Going for a walk outside, reading, listening to music - all can reduce blood pressure for elderly caregivers of spouses with Alzheimer's disease.   more »»

Many Women Unaware of Heart Dangers

Many women don't realize that heart disease is the number one killer of women. A national survey found that 45 percent of women didn't know heart disease killed more women than anything else.   more »»

Testing for HPV Plus Pap Better

Testing for the human papillomavirus (HPV) can lead to earlier cancer detection. Pap tests and HPV testing combined, found cervical cancer earlier, according to a new study.   more »»

Bike to Work to Reduce Stress

Taking a bike to work does more than just get you your daily exercise. It can also reduce your stress and make you more productive on the job.   more »»

Weight Gain Shows Up After Honeymoon

Married life and kids might be tough on a man's waistline. Men appear to gain weight when they get married and when they have children, according to a new study.   more »»

Note: Some of these reports concern ongoing medical studies. Such studies may not be the final word on a subject.

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