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Stay on top of the latest news and research in healthcare. Here you'll find information on current studies and breaking health stories. But keep in mind that ongoing studies may conflict with earlier reports, and may not be the final word on a particular topic.

National Health News Headlines

Eating and TV Don't Mix Well

Step away from the TV, if you want to lose weight. Watching TV while you're eating appears to increase the odds of obesity.   more »»

More Getting Breast Cancer Gene Test

Call it the Angelina Jolie effect on cancer screening. More women are seeking testing for the BRCA gene mutation that increases the risks for breast and ovarian cancer.   more »»

Poor Oral Health Impacts Malnutrition

Bad teeth can lead to malnutrition in older adults. In a recent study, poor oral health was found to have the largest impact on malnutrition.   more »»

Diet Prescription for Your Heart

If your doctor could write a food prescription for your heart, what would it be? One group of doctors suggests it should be colorful and be mostly plants.   more »»

Opioids Poisoning Children in U.S.

Every hour of every day, an American child is being exposed to prescription opioids. On average, every 45 minutes, a poison center in the U.S. gets a call about a child and opioids.   more »»

How Exercise Helps Your Bones

Exercise helps your bones - but not just any exercise. Though biking and swimming are great exercise, they don't do much to keep your bones healthy.   more »»

New Drug to Help Parkinson's Patients

A new drug is expected to help Parkinson's patients function better. Xadago (safinamide) tablets are an add-on treatment for patients with Parkinson's disease.   more »»

Energy Drinks Increase Alcohol Risks

Energy drinks and alcohol can be a dangerous combination. A new study found that mixing the two may increase the risk of suffering an injury.   more »»

Use Your Phone to Lower BP

Surfing the web could actually lower your blood pressure. People who got web-based lifestyle counseling reduced their top blood pressure number by 10 mmHg.   more »»

Heads Up Tackling Cuts Concussions

Teaching Heads Up tackling can mean fewer concussions. It may also lessen the severity of the concussions that do happen, according to a new study.   more »»

Note: Some of these reports concern ongoing medical studies. Such studies may not be the final word on a subject.

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