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Stay on top of the latest news and research in healthcare. Here you'll find information on current studies and breaking health stories. But keep in mind that ongoing studies may conflict with earlier reports, and may not be the final word on a particular topic.

National Health News Headlines

Too Much TV Can Lead to Blood Clots

Even if you exercise, too much TV time can be dangerous to your health. The risk of blood clots increases with the amount of time spent watching television.   more »»

Vaping Often Leads to Regular Smoking

Young adults who join the vaping craze are more likely to become regular smokers. A study found that those who use e-cigarettes are more than four times as likely to begin smoking tobacco cigarettes.   more »»

Warning on Street Drug Alternatives

So-called alternatives to illegal street drugs aren't any better. In fact, Coco Loko and Legal Lean Syrup are also being called unapproved new drugs and misbranded drugs.   more »»

Kidney Disease and Diabetes Linked

Kidney disease and diabetes are a two-way street. Diabetes is known to increase a person's risk of kidney disease. Now, a new study suggests that the converse also is true.   more »»

Window Cords Blamed for Injuries

They are ubiquitous in our homes. They are also very dangerous. The cords on windows blinds send an average of two children to the emergency room each and every day.   more »»

High-Intensity Exercise Slows Parkinson's

Parkinson's patients might be able to slow the disease with high-intensity workouts. That means exercise that pushes the heart rate to between 80 and 85 percent of maximum.   more »»

Former NFL Players Face Aneurysm Risk

It isn't only their brains that NFL players need to worry about. A new study shows they are more likely to also have enlarged aortas, a condition that may put them at higher risk of aneurysms.   more »»

Childhood Weight Linked to Screen Time

Excess screen time not only affects a child's sleep, but their weight as well. Watching TV or using tablets or smartphones before bed can lead to higher body mass indexes, as well as poor sleep.   more »»

Expect More Sleep in Retirement

Once you walk away from work, you will probably sleep longer and better. When people retire, they sleep approximately 20 minutes longer than before. The quality of sleep also improves.   more »»

Alzheimer's Cases About to Explode

The number of people with Alzheimer's is expected to double in the next few decades. As many as 47 million Americans demonstrate some evidence of susceptibility to the disease.   more »»

Note: Some of these reports concern ongoing medical studies. Such studies may not be the final word on a subject.

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